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Shoes of Peace

I finally found straight SATIVA! Check out this NATIVE AMERICAN ENTREPRENEUR.  Sheldon Sundown, one of a handful of medical marijuana dispensaries on the Cattaraugus Territory.  It's a small building but I love to watch someone start small and watch them grow.  



An ongoing conversation about Native American Entrepreneurial, Lifestyle and Spirituality

August 3, 2021


Moving from Oklahoma to New York ~ it's working this time around.  

I'm prepared spiritually, mentally, and growing physically stronger.  

I can tell you why: I'm at the right place at the right time.  


People are my stressors, sorry my peeps.

Like Led Zeppelin's song, it's time to ramble on.


There are so many signs my Creator shows me and reminders of prophecies I've been told to prepare me this time. Yes, it can be hell on earth; I've had a few bad days and ripples in the water since I've returned but overall, I'm in the best HEADSPACE of my life.

I have peaceful places to lay my head - the water, the RAIN, the third rainiest July on record, according to the local news.

Niagara Falls is my GO-TO to get my fill of viewing water but I haven't even made it there yet this year.


I missed driving along Lake Erie and riding the subway in downtown BUFFALO.  After college, I had to take two busses and the subway from my dad's to get to work, ONE WAY.... oh the struggles hahaha.  But my all-time favorite place was right downtown Buffalo, it's clean and the nightlife on and around Elmwood used to be fun when I was younger.  Oh, and the THEATER! I LOVE SHAE'S THEATER.  Can hardly wait to see another Off-Broadway show.

Anyway, back to me, lol, so you can learn from my mistakes.  There have been tons of mental struggles to get where I am today.  There's a stigma that surrounds "pot/grass/mary jane/weed/cannabis," because it is so skewed.

Many church friends I knew were taught that marijuana (and prescription drugs) is witchcraft.  I used to believe that too.  Anti-cannabis activists make it out to be a "gateway" drug.  However, there has been an enlightenment time taken place, we are living in the THIRD DAY.  It's a time where your INNER SELF or HOLY SPIRIT WITHIN is in charge.  

Revival starts from within your soul and spirit. 

The veil between reality and spirituality is thinner now more than ever and more and more people are waking up to this fact.  

Sometimes the atmosphere responds when I'm wrong and I realize it and change my way of thinking about that situation.  The wind will pick up or the clouds go away, or it rains it's a cool thing when you can recognize that.  My Rabbi, Curt Landry told me that rain signifies cleansing!  I'm cleansed!

Sativa marijuana is here if I need it to get me going in the morning (not an anti-depressant pill).  On the flip side, if I use the wrong strain of Sativa, it will create anxiety in me when I'm under pressure.

So, do your research on distillates, cannabinoids, terpenes, and strains.  

You can start HERE  ​with Weedmaps.

UPDATE: LEAFLY is another great resource.

If you are an adult child of cannabis users, you can do as our parents did for us.  Use the plant as a medicinal. If we raise our children to believe the truth, that it's a pain reliever, and emotional healing drug then that stigma will start to fall.  

When I was in fourth grade and my mom gave me the only thing she knew.  I was in unexplained and excruciating pain.  I remember having a fever and a cold washcloth on my forehead.  She had me laying on the couch.  It was just her and me at the house and I remember her not knowing what to do.  I cried and she cried.  I remember her going to her room and coming back with a lit joint.  I wasn't sure at first, I probably told her no but in the end, I trusted her.  I might have only had two or three hits but the pain left and I could sleep.  I didn't go to the doctors, I was healed with cannabis in 1979.

One well-known Prophet, Chuck Pierce of Glory of Zion, spoke to what he believed to be an angel smoking a pipe.  He didn't say what kind of pipe but I believe it was a cannabis pipe, not tobacco.  Basically, you will never know when you are entertaining angels so don’t judge anyone.

Another prophet was speaking to Perry Stone, he basically said the Hippies are going to think Jesus is COOL! Yep, that's all I needed to hear, hahaha.  What else do hippies do?  Psychedelic mushrooms? Well, maybe so.  I'm also finding out through a friend that there are so many different species of mushrooms.  There are certain mushrooms for pain and can be made into a tincture and we will hunt for them.  That information will be for another blog!

Getting back to medical marijuana. versus prescribed medication.

I spent years on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills.  I believe those prescribed medications created layers of toxins.  It is such a relief to know that my mind is getting clearer by not taking a handful of pills daily.


There are so many strains of cannabis, some take away the anxiety and some strains create anxiety.   One really has to learn why they need cannabis medically and why you might react differently. What’s at the source?  

I don’t know for sure but I’ve come to realize - I use medical marijuana to get me through life. And now, NEW YORK STATE PASSED THESE AWESOME LAWS IN MARCH 2021.  And I'm here to stay.  Right place at the right time ~ PEACE!

Michele HG

Check out the cool things I found out about the New York State laws regarding cannabis.  HERE'S the article but I've also enlarged the print on some of the things you should know, as a NEW YORK STATE RESIDENT no matter if you smoke it, grow it or not.

Criminal Justice and Record Expungement

The cannabis penalty framework will be restructured to avoid the criminalization seen in prohibition. Reduced penalties will be implemented for possession and sale.  Creates automatic expungement or resentencing for anyone with a previous marijuana conviction that would now be legal under the law and provides necessary funding

Adds cannabis to the clean indoor air act which establishes a baseline on where cannabis can be smoked or vaped

Protections for the Use of Cannabis and Workplace Safety

Unlawful discrimination will be prohibited and workplace safety protections will be implemented.